Good riddance, For You Wedding Services.

After one year plus of chasing our money, we, or rather, I, can finally close this dreadful chapter in my life. My husband didn’t want to proceed with Small Claims Tribunal as it’s mentally and emotionally draining for him.. which I perfectly understand. I, on the other hand, refuse to give in to FYWS since there were no other ways to communicate with them. Hence I went ahead with it although I know that it’s gonna take up much of my time.
There were others who said to me, “let it be”.

I couldn’t just let it be. If nothing comes out of it, at least I know I have exhausted all of my affordable options and didn’t just let it go without making any effort.

Despite my husband’s decision to not be involved in the issue, he gave me the utmost support with the listening ear and accompanied me 3 times to the State Courts. That, is more than enough for me because I understand that not everyone has the same amount of energy as I do and I am absolutely fine with doing things on my own.

I stand for my right and what is right. I refuse to back down even when I’m fighting the battle alone. If getting a lawyer wouldn’t cost much I would gladly do just that no matter how long and tedious the process is.

Didn’t update this site since we were on consultation and didn’t reach a settlement. To conclude this horrible episode, this shall be the last post about the company who gave us hell.

During the 3 consultations on 19th April 2018, 30th April 2018 and 14th May 2018, FYWS refused to admit the claim and mentioned there was no intention of returning the deposit citing no refund upon cancellation policy. The case was then fixed for Hearing on 4th June 2018.

On 4th June 2018, the Referee asked idham again if he’s not even going to make partial refund and he initially said he wasn’t going to. Honestly, I wasn’t expecting him to return the deposit in full or at all but I know that I have to do something before the one year window is up for SCT.

A few minutes into the conversation, he told the Referee that he could return $1.5k. Without hesitation, I said I am okay with that so that I can get it over and done with. Because if I didn’t agree to it, I will have to get a lawyer to proceed with legal proceedings and I wouldn’t want to waste money on this issue. (SCT cost only $10 so it was alright for me).

I don’t know what happened in the midst of it but $1.5k is still better than nothing. The blessed month of Ramadan probably soften his heart a little. Alhamdulillah for that and all of the blessings that Allah has bestowed upon me despite going through all these.

The cheque was post dated 30th June 2018 and I have received the said amount. As for the remaining $2180, both of us cannot halalkan the amount and we don’t intend to ever do so.

Despite the distressing time, I have learned so much about people. This unfortunate incident taught me a lot more about life and I’m taking the good from the bad. Dealing with such person who can openly lie despite the evidences humbled me to not be like that and to always stay true to myself and keep my promises. You’ll also see what people are willing to do for money.

I am okay with those who couldn’t help me.. I can’t force others to help me even when I’m not the kind to ask for help easily. but it was hurtful when those I personally know who didn’t help, hurt me just because I chose to disclose the company and other reasons.

I’ve lose some.. and gained a lot more.

2901-Dalai-Lama-XIV-Quote-Our-prime-purpose-in-this-life-is-to-help.jpgThere were those who said that I won’t be able to get anything back and that it would be a waste of time going through the process. Very helpful, I must say….

Instead of helping to find ways to get our money back, I get all these talks on how it’s a waste of time and nothing can be done. and how I was wrong to disclose the company.

Not until strangers and also kind souls that I personally know PM-ed me and gave me suggestions after reading my post.

I can say that all of my effort didn’t go down the drain afterall..

The post which was made public, this blog, the effort on going to SCT wasn’t at all a waste.

Not everyone is going to help you when you’re really in need. Not everyone will be there when they said they will. and not everyone will help you even when they can.

But if you can’t help someone, the least you can do is to not hurt them.

People will always surprise you. Sometimes, you’ll get the help from those you least expect. Remember them. Always, always remember them.. even when they are strangers and you only know them by name.

Thank you to those who have helped me. (You know who you are..)

May God bless you in any way and may He shower you with lots of happiness, wealth, good people, good health and grant you peace. But if you’re an Atheist, I still hope that you’ll be surrounded and filled with all of the positive stuff in this world. Good people deserve good things.

FYWS may get away with the remaining amount now.. but anyone who has done others wrong cannot possibly sleep and live in peace forever…


I don’t have to think about them returning our money. Or talk to them ever again. We’ll see FYWS in the afterlife and they can pay us the remaining deposit there.

and although this is the month where Muslims seek forgiveness and forgive others, we still can’t forgive them.

..not yet or maybe never.

Ham in the name.

After posting it up on facebook on 29th January 2018, I found out that not only does he owe us, the clients, he also cheated his vendors.

You may ask his photographer or even my sister in law who runs De Bliss Bakes. He still owes her $900 for the cakes.

Update: My sister in law just told me (15thFeb) that idham paid her on the night of 28th Jan, after she got home from our place. I posted the first post on facebook on 29th Jan upon getting her consent but she didn’t inform me that he already paid the money for the wedding cake orders.

So about him not paying my sister in law, I shall take back what I said since I had no idea that he already paid her back. But I do know that he has been making late payments lately. And isn’t that a sign already?

He cheated the cook who cooked all three days for the event which amounted to $2k plus.


He cheated Pak Sani the meat seller at Geylang and $1k plus off his salary had to be cut.


I don’t know how many people has he cheated therefore I need anyone to please contact me.

idham salehuddien’s (for you wedding services) LIES.

31st January 2018
Got to know from a client of idham, that he sent a screenshot of his convo with his other clients, explaining what “truly happened” and his side of story.

Not only has he caused so much anxiety, stress and trouble for us, now he’s explaining to his clients that we’re to blame. What a heartless and conniving person.

That itself explains what kind of person idham salehuddien is.

Note: the screenshots with the gaudy decor is obviously his.
(You may refer to the previous post for the full story first..)

Simple thingy? If it’s so simple, then why don’t he settle it?! So idham said that we cancelled and demanded a full refund. He sent a photo of our OLD CONTRACT which was stated Masjid Mujahidin, our first choice for venue. From here, you can see that he’s obviously a useless owner who don’t even know that we’ve changed the venue and amended the contract even when he was the one who suggested. But I’m sure he knows and he did that just to cover his ass.

1) We DID NOT go to Republic of Singapore Yacht Club to book. We went there ONLY to VIEW the location. shazwina was aware of this.

I didn’t know viewing means BOOKING. 🙄

2) Contract state no refund.. but lets see what he said in the conversation he had with my husband later on yaa?

3) Yes. No booking fee was done not because we didn’t pay. We already asked if there’s any additional deposit that we have to make because lets face it, who doesn’t know that you need to place deposit to secure a venue? But no. They did not ask for a deposit. Only ammend the contract.

When idham suggested, he already took over from maya rahman & wahyudie. If idham said that he wasn’t the one who suggested to hold it at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club, then….

91e9b7f2-9ecd-4909-9a10-9aa186d5d7f8-2Who was the one who wrote the one in black ink? The one in blue is my husband’s handwriting but we didn’t write the one in black. To all of his existing clients who may have doubts about the authenticity of this piece, kindly get him to write a draft for you and you compare okay?

Fancy making up stories like that thinking that we won’t know. Like I said before, Allah tu Maha Adil.

We cancelled because they didn’t book it! and I shall reiterate, that we didn’t go down to book it. They messed up. So should we have continued engaging them? Who in the right mind would?

Booking the venue from RSYC is THEIRS, NOT OURS.
and of course we’re not happy! IDHAM SALEHUDDIEN PROMISED THE REFUND!

No automatic alt text available.
My husband’s WhatsApp with shazwina. Read that: SEE.
Out of the others, shazwina is the one who would answer most of our messages.
Slow replies but not as slow as the rest.

Can you read that again? RECCE. Since when RECCE means to book?

We asked about the soft booking to For You Wedding Services. NOT Republic of Singapore Yacht Club. Which means we didn’t book or soft book with Republic of Singapore Yacht Club.

shazwina said there’s no soft booking. Booking can only be done when we’ve amended the contract.

To take a look.

No automatic alt text available.
VIEW. VIEW. All the way, we mentioned, to VIEW. and how is it that idham said we’ve BOOKED it when my husband asked shazwina how to proceed with the booking?

If we have booked it, we wouldn’t even ask, righttttttt? This idham don’t make sense at all. I can’t believe anyone would even trust his words given the proofs I’ve got here.

We decided to call RSYC to set an appointment to view the place cos as you can see, FYWS took such a looooong time to even get a date for us to view RSYC.

Image may contain: text

We have not booked yet. If we have booked, why would we tell shazwina to inform idham that we’re interested in the RSYC proposal that he offered? Who would place a booking with RSYC directly since we already know from Nadia of RSYC that FYWS clients get a better deal?

IF WE WANT TO PROCEED, we have to meet and ammend contract.

If we have booked with RSYC, why would shazwina even say that?

My husband asked how much deposit we need to add on. But when we were at EXPO on 15th January 2017, shazwina said we don’t have to make additional deposit hence we didn’t make any.

In total, we’ve made payment of $3680 by August 2016. $3680 was just for catering deposit.

No deposit was asked on 15th January 2017 when the contract was ammended to RSYC (Nautica Ballroom), so how could we “make the booking fee” as stated by idham, if we were not told to do so? The only thing which is true about this part of the convo is “as venue is KIV by client”.

Even so, $3680-$2400= $1280

Where did the $1280 go then since you didn’t book the venue?!

No automatic alt text available.
First deposit. The date is supposed to be 4th June 2016. You can see at the receipt number too.

Our second payment which we had to keep chasing for the invoice! If we didn’t ask for it, I doubt that we’ll even have it till now.

No automatic alt text available.
And then.. this idham said “we ourself doesnt know about it”.
Apart from their extremely slow replies and substandard service, his English is.. don’t need to say laa huh. 😒 You can read it for yourself.

idham’s playing the I-am-innocent game and claim that he had no idea? Who is he trying to fool?

This Whatsapp is between Shaz and idham.

We noticed an error in the contract regarding the amount that we’ve paid.

What’s the date? 17th January 2017!

2 days after we met shazwina to amend the contract ONLY. And lets seee… where’s the location again?


I remember telling shazwina to include that in cos we know that we have to get things in black and white. Phew!~

idham was the one who suggested and he knew that we’ve amended the contract to RSYC. I’ve even asked him about decor proposal, yet now he wanna say that “we ourself doesnt know about it”?!!

Even replied, “Ok noted boss”

EHH IDHAM, YOU HAVE AMNESIA OR WHAT?! In case you’re having amnesia, let me remind you of the convo you had with my husband.

I did not declare that we can’t proceed with Small Claims. I said it’s not worth it because idham wouldn’t even turn up anyway judging from the number of times we’ve tried to contact him. I mentioned that Police can’t put it as a cheating case since company is still live and they need more cases so that they can proceed with the investigations. That’s what the officer said and I’m pissed at it actually. So now he said he’s waiting for legal letter? So many excuses!

2 months before wedding, we cancelled because idham did not book the venue and they gave us crappy service. THAT is the reason! We had no idea what was going on about the venue.

So what major conflict was this idham talking about?

“That point of time Yacht Club said they already block”? They, who? Then if he couldn’t book the date, no decency to tell us huh? What stupid reasoning is this?! If RSYC really called to tell him that we have not made the booking fee, why didn’t he inform us about it and tell us to make the booking fee? He did not update us on anything AT ALL (and you can refer to our convos at the end of this entry).

That time? Which time? Dinosaur time is it?

Also, he’s the one who came up with the proposal yet he’s making it sound like we forced him to give us such quotation?

We know nothing at all! No updates, nothing was being discussed. And now he’s saying that we didn’t make booking fee?
Daa laa messed things up, nak salahkan orang.

I called RSYC first on 6th June and spoke to Kerry who is such a pleasant lady to talk to. I asked her if there’s any booking made on 5th August 2017 by FYWS and she told me unfortunately, there isn’t. She was really concerned and told me that this doesn’t sound good because FYWS should have made the booking for us the moment we’ve amended our contract.

Note: RSYC no longer engage FYWS as their official caterer. I wouldn’t too if I know how unethical FYWS is! If idham promised a venue at RSYC, PLEASE DO NOT BELIEVE HIM. Call RSYC again to check.

This is when I emailed Kerry from RSYC cos I needed proof to state that the room wasn’t book on 5th August 2017. Do you think I would email Kerry this had I known about the “major conflict”? We were clueless about the booking arrangement between RSYC and FYWS.

There has been a discussion with For You Wedding Services.

Meaning that FYWS should be the one making the booking since we are FYWS clients. Why would we make a booking with RSYC when we’re FYWS clients?!! Cerite maner nie kau kutip?!

Oh, after this, he’s prolly gonna say, “we only spoke to rsyc after they told us they are going to hold their wedding at Nautica Ballroom. Before this we had no idea.”

Kerjer kau asyik cakap dont know jerlaa kan. 🙄 Penat mate aku asyik rolling pasal kau punyer merepek.

Initially we thought my uncle already made the Small Claims Tribunal on behalf of us but it turns out that he was just suggesting to me to file it up. So we went to CASE and asked about Small Claims Tribunal and was told that they are just a mediator who has a little bit of legal power to issue the legal letter. The person at CASE asked if we think that idham would meet us and so we said we doubt so since he isn’t replying to our messages or calls. So she said we can try but if fyws isn’t going to respond, it would be back to square one. We were done going back and forth with someone who keeps making excuses.

In the very last message that I sent to idham, I was extremely tired and felt that it’s pointless to proceed with SCT since I was certain that he’s not gonna be there to settle it anyway. Hence, I gave my husband’s bank account details for him to transfer the money.

And what kind of reason is that, that he’s been waiting for legal letter, reason why we didn’t get our refund?

Kalau kau betul2 ikhlas nak bayar, kau akan bayar. Kau yang hutang orang. Macam kitorg pulak yang hutang kau.

Anyone who is sincere and genuine in providing service recovery for THEIR mistake, would return the refund and even compensate their clients. Obviously you have no intention of returning what’s ours!

and the tagline of your company is “Serving you with quality”? Please understand the meaning of quality before you even shamelessly put it as your tagline.

PLEASE, to all of his clients and those who have read this, please do not believe his words!

It’s stated that FYWS had issues with the booking at RSYC, not us!

If it wasn’t true, why didn’t he reply then?

So jangan nak putar belit boleh tak? idham, kau tak penat ehh make up stories & fitnah orang? Allah boleh cabut nyawa kau biler2 mase jer tau. Kau tak takut ehh meninggal dalam keadaan berhutang & tipu ramai orang?

Aku penat tau dengar ceriter bodoh kau.

My husband has been extremely polite to them. We tried to have a clean “break up”, knowing my husband’s sister and idham are (were?) friends but it turns out that some people just don’t have a heart at all. We didn’t get any cooperation or understanding from them, AT ALL.

Even if we can’t get our money back, I will make sure that more people know about his lies and how he cheated a lot of people.

I have to use YouTube to upload this video cos I keep having problems when I was updating this post.
As of 0152am, 3rd Feb, the previous video in this blog alone had 109 views.
130people viewed it the first time I posted it on facebook and the edited one has 22views.
So far, approximately 261 people have officially heard your lies, idham salehuddien.
and more to come, definitely..

18th October 2017: idham called. To answer the question about no refund for cancellation, this was what he said. and now he’s using that “contract stated no refund”?

We have proof that he failed to honour his services yet refused to refund our money. We have proof that he said he’s gonna return the money.  He has done nothing so why should we even give him any money?!

He thinks he’s kim kardashian is it?! Can get money just by doing nothing?!

We have been careful, we took them up because of recommendation and we kept seeing updates on their facebook page. We’ve clarified with RSYC on the procedure to confirm that FYWS really was the official caterer for RSYC and that booking can be made through FYWS. Also, the reviews seemed promising.

but from June 2016 till now, their service have been utterly disappointing and it has been such a nightmare. It’s only promises after promises with no updates. Updates on social media but didn’t even have the decency to reply our messages.

I don’t know how anyone can believe his words. He’s a perfect NATO.

Nightmare with For You Wedding Services.

What would you do if you’re 2 months away from your wedding and you found out that your venue has not been booked? And the vendor has not proven to be reliable?

My husband and I contracted For You Wedding Services on 4th June 2016 with $2600 paid. We have not heard of FYWS until my husband’s sister recommended cos the owner is someone she had known for quite a long time. I am not blaming my sister in law for recommending him to us.. she’s also the victim. But I have to include that in because her recommendation was what influenced our decisions.
Many are probably wondering why we took up FYWS although we have not heard of them before but when someone close to you recommended someone to you and is also handling the wedding cake for the company, who would have thought that the owner would mess with her too?

We were told that they would do their job and that the food is not bad. Wanted Doulath or other caterers but none could cater to our date. Looked through FYWS facebook profile and saw plenty of good reviews. One can go to their For You Wedding Services facebook page and look at the amount of positive feedbacks they have. Initially I was hesitant to post this up and kept wondering why others raved about FYWS while I’m having such a difficult time with them?
I really wanted to post this up earlier on facebook but I had to think of my sister in law..
I did have a blogpost regarding FYWS on 7th November 2017 but I don’t see anyone here, hence I posted it on facebook and made it public thinking that it would garner more attention and I would be able to get more information about FYWS.

So after being deceived by their reviews, we went ahead with the appointment to place a deposit.

First appointment, their sales rep maya rahman and wahyudie were late for an hour because they were at Bedok with another client. It was so difficult to get through maya that day even though we have confirmed on the venue and time to meet. But since it’s a recommendation, we just placed our faith in them… together with our money.

10th August 2016: Made the second deposit of $1080 since the said amount has to be made 2 months after the first deposit.

Early November 2016: By this time, idham said they will be handling our catering concerns since we find that maya rahman and wahyudie weren’t reliable. They were our wedding coordinator yet never once have they contacted us regarding food tasting. So idham and his assistant, syazwina met us and asked if we have alternative venues. Told them we do have a few and that’s when he proposed the idea of having it at Republic of Singapore Yacht Club since they are one of the two official caterer and decor company for RSYC and that we could have a much better deal when we book through them. (Just imagine booking your flight or hotel via Expedia,, Agoda and other third party sites).

But in order to get the deal, we had to take them for the decor too. In other words, our $500 deposit with the initial decor vendor would be gone. (idham apparently said that we can pay the remaining amount that our initial decor vendor quoted us).

Our initial decor vendor was Q’yra Design. When we first met Zac just to know more, he already asked our concept and even remembered that we wanted something clean, white and if possible with songket, like table runner, etc. He knew and took the effort to ask what we had in mind instead of saying that we’ll discuss a few months before the wedding.

Truth be told, we don’t fancy FYWS decor at all, cos it looks really gaudy. Only 2 or 3 which looks clean but we had no choice since they didn’t allow outside vendors.

The process of viewing the venue also took such a long time. On 15th November 2016, my husband asked for updates on when we can view the room at RSYC. We had to keep asking for the available dates. In the end, we had to call RSYC on our own, let them know that we’re FYWS clients and would like to view the function room.
WhatsApp convo can be read here.

15th December 2016: Nadia from RSYC confirmed that FYWS is their official caterer and booking can be made through FYWS. We asked Nadia if it’s true that we can get a better deal when we book through FYWS and she agreed.
I have no idea how it works but I guess FYWS had an agreement with RSYC. (that was in December 2016).
I just called Kerry from RSYC and she told me that RSYC no longer engage FYWS after June 2017 (when I called to inform that the venue wasn’t booked) . I definitely wouldn’t even want to get involve with such company if I were RSYC, anyway..
FYWS last wedding at RSYC was in 2016.

FYWS had wedding done at RSYC before and RSYC also confirmed it so we didn’t have doubts about it. We’ve cleared our doubts with RSYC regarding FYWS claims on holding a wedding there.

After much thought, on 15th Jan 2017, we made our way to EXPO since none of FYWS staffs could meet us anywhere else except EXPO (since they were oh-so-busy) to let them know that we’d like our wedding to be held at RSYC and to amend the contract. Asked around if FYWS is reliable and most of them said they are “just that they will take a very long time to reply since they are overwhelmed with weddings.” 
Met idham’s assistant, syazwina, and she informed that decor ideas would be discussed “a few months before the wedding”.

Date of our wedding: 5th August 2017.
That’s 7 months before our wedding date.

Told my husband that I didn’t want to engage them anymore cos they gave crappy service and I was outside of EXPO with a heavy heart. I was willing to part with my share of $1840 cos I had a bad feeling about this company. But my husband wasn’t willing so we went ahead with it. I understand why he didn’t want to burn our deposit..

1st March 2017: Sent our decor proposal to shazwina. Only got a reply “Noted. Thankyou.”

21st April 2017: Messaged idham, telling him about our decor concerns since nobody got back to me. He told me to send it to his email instead and so I did. 


26th May 2017: Contacted them again, had to even ask my husband’s sister to help us contact idham. He sent a voice message on Whatsapp to inform us that we’ll have to liase with maya rahman and wahyudie.


26th May 2017: idham asked who did I send the proposal to.
I was pissed at that but I still managed to remain calm.
As you can see, 26th May 2017 is a day before Ramadan (fasting month).


28th May 2017: wahyudie asked “when is ur wedding date?”
Now what kind of vendor would ask when’s your wedding date?
A useless one, that is!
After I replied, “5th August.”, silence.

I meant to type discuss our wedding concerns when we’ve made the deposit on August 2016. And also to discuss the decor concerns once we’ve confirmed on changing it to RSYC.. which should make sense since it’s confirmed and most decor companies would ask what kind of concept you’re looking at. (I’ve asked several decor companies so I am very certain about it!)

Since it’s Ramadan, I tried my very best to not show that I’m pissed. My husband and I tried to keep our cool.

29th May 2017: Gave our available dates for meet up.

img_430829th May 2017 – 2nd June 2017: No updates from them until my husband messaged although wahyudie replied that maya rahman will “get back to us shortly.”

We had to be the one asking them again on 31st May 2017
and another one on 2nd June 2017.
Asked for response on 5th June 2017 but idham only replied via a screenshot.
How professional.

6th June 2017:
On the day of meet up, no response from their team on meet up time and place when maya rahman was the one who decided on the date.
Called RSYC to check on the booking of Nautic.a Ballroom… and voila, I was told that the room has not been booked at all. Not even soft booking.
I spoke to Kerry, who is such a pleasant lady to talk to. Asked if there’s any booking made on 5th August 2017 by FYWS and she told me unfortunately, there isn’t. She was really concerned and told me that this doesn’t sound good because FYWS should have made the booking for us the moment we’ve amended our contract on 15th January 2017.

Can you imagine my horror when I found out that Nautica Ballroom wasn’t booked?!

We were supposed to make another deposit of $10k 2 months before our wedding but thankfully we found out about it before giving them the cash. Otherwise we would have lost $14k!

Instead of explaining to us if there’s issues with the booking or whatnot, wahyudie told us that they can only book the venue few months before our wedding date.
(For those who kept telling me “venue booking is by clients.”, this is proof  that FYWS were infact well aware and admitted that the booking of RSYC has to be done by them).

FEW MONTHS?!It’s already TWO months to our wedding!
Wouldn’t anyone be worried? (Apparently wahyudie said he wouldn’t be).
If you wouldn’t be worried, then something must be really wrong with you.

The moment I called them out on it, wahyudie mentioned how it’s not their first time doing the wedding at RSYC and for us to leave their work to them and they know what they were doing.


2 months to our wedding yet NOTHING. No meet ups, no messages to tell us which dates are available for food tasting. Nothing at all.

Their reason: Busy with Bazaar Ramadan. 
We can know when will Ramadan be up till year 2025 yet FYWS couldn’t foresee that they’ll be really busy during this period. They’ll definitely say that they got the bazaar at the very last minute. Excuses and moreee excuses.

and that’s that.

I contacted all of my vendors and asked for their available dates after 5th August 2017 just in case we had to postpone the wedding.

This is when I emailed Kerry from RSYC cos I needed written proof to state that the room wasn’t booked on 5th August 2017. We were clueless about the booking arrangement between RSYC and FYWS, whether were there any issues between them since FYWS did not update us on anything.

“There has been a discussion with For You Wedding Services.”

Meaning that FYWS should be the one making the booking since we were FYWS clients.

Note: RSYC no longer engage FYWS as their official caterer. I wouldn’t too if I know how unethical FYWS is! If idham promised a venue at RSYC,
Call RSYC again to check.

Right after knowing that the venue has not been booked, we looked for other decor and catering companies who were available on our date. I asked Muslim Delightsif they have a slot for our date and Alhamdulillah, on 12th June 2017, we managed to secure a venue with them at FAVE and we’re eternally grateful for that. Blessing in disguise, they say! The decor, the food, everything was beyond lovely! Cik Fidah and her husband tried to omit certain things that we didn’t need in the package. Muslim Delights is truly a delight and will always be in our prayers.
May Allah bless them and protect them always.. ❤

6th June 2017- 15th June 2017: Still no reply from idham.

15th June 2017: Even after the trouble that they’ve caused us, my husband still managed to type a very nice message to idham, informing him that we’d like to terminate the contract with them and would like to have all of our deposits refunded.

16th June 2017: idham called my husband and told him that we’ll definitely get our deposit back by October 2017.
I didn’t know the definition of “will reply you shortly” means 10 days.

I didn’t trust idham’s words of cos.. but my husband is such a patient and nice guy.  Also cos he had to think of my sister-in-law. My husband placed his faith in his sister, thinking that idham would give our money back since his sister is their wedding cake supplier. idham promised my sister-in-law that we’ll get our money back too.

However, we didn’t have a proof for what he said since my husband couldn’t record the conversation while at work. We couldn’t even get idham to type a message stating that he will pay back. I remember us arguing so badly because I always believe in having proof and black and white for it cos I had a feeling that he’ll twist his stories. and I was right!

idham also mentioned that we can transfer our package to another couple. We decided against it because no way will we ever recommend this company let alone transfer this package and make other couple suffer the same fate.

But as usual and expected of them… their promises are just words with no backbone.

21st June 2018: Received 200 pieces of our wedding invites which was reprinted from Gift Market. We’ve already received our wedding invites from KL in May 2017.
but because of FYWS, we had to waste so much time on a lot of things. We had to fork out way more to have it reprinted in Singapore since it’s not possible to have it reprinted in KL and to be delivered by early July.

This is how our initial invite looked like:

Everything about it was perfect to me. and since it’s not the usual wedding invite, I had to spend even more time searching for printing company to help me out with it.

That’s when my sister told me to contact Calvin of Gift Market because they’re able to print it on brown paper and helped us glue it on the sticks as well.
Calvin was such a great help!

Since the initial wedding invites from KL were sent to my place, Gift Marketstaffs had to pick up the invites from my place on 15th June 2017. I was in the midst of settling my handmade doorgifts and such. Yepp, my doorgifts are all handmade. Imagine how time consuming to make the rest of the changes!

Initially, I’ve set aside 2 months before the wedding to meet up with my friends to hand deliver the invites. I’ve estimated it to be done a month before the wedding or even 6 weeks before the wedding. Call me old fashioned but I prefer to hand deliver instead of mailing it out. So I had to squeeze whatever time I had left to meet my friends, apart
from settling the rest of the stuff like the venue and whatnot.

Some of my friends and most of my colleagues received my invites 2 weeks before the wedding but I’ve explained why. Thankfully all of them were very understanding since I’ve informed them about my wedding months before. (I hate to inform people at the very last minute, it’s very disrespectful).

25th September 2017:
My husband set up a group chat #Shahzali&Erli (Deposit) reminding them of our pending refund.

Someone told us to settle it in a good manner. I believe we have been exceptionally good to such person with no integrity?

25th September 2017- 9th October 2017: They played the magic show again for two weeks.

Still making us wait, with no service recovery, no guilt AT ALL. Nothing. Only empty promises, as always from idham salehuddien.

25th September 2017 – 17th October 2017: 3 weeks passed. No calls, no replies, nothing until I messaged idham on his facebook that we will proceed with Police report and Small Claims Tribunal if he don’t reply us.

18th October 2017: idham called, saying he would pay up “by partially ke by monthly ke, by aper ke.. tetap december akan abes.” (by partially or montly or anything, by December it will be paid). This time, we managed to record it. Apparently he said that the commission money is with maya rahman & syazwina and he have to contact them to get it back since we cancelled our service with them. Which, we believe, is just a bunch of BS. My husband just continued the conversation just so we can record his nonsense.

You may listen to the audio recording here:

This is proof that he promised to refund us our deposit. We know that he has no intention of paying us back and we understand that audio recording is not a strong proof compared to written ones but at least we have something to back our claims.
He didn’t even arrange a date to meet as what he said in the conversation.
To prove that this is idham’s voice, you may compare it to all of the videos at For You Wedding Services Facebook Page.

I’ve told my husband that idham is not gonna give us a call again, what more return the money. but he said after this we’re gonna make police report and proceed with SCT.

By today at 7pm? His clock must have stopped at 1323hrs.

By then, I was already pissed off. Really exhausting to be dealing with such person!

and still nothing.. No attempt at calling us, no messages to our numbers (not this group since we left cos we’re done trying to get him to meet us).

In this message, which was sent to me by one of his clients on 31st January 2018, he told his clients that he’s waiting for legal letter since 23rd October 2017.

Righttttttt…. already told him to transfer it and he called on 18th October 2018 to say that he’ll pay, yet he’s “waiting for legal letter till today”?

Initially we thought my uncle already made the Small Claims Tribunal on behalf of us cos we had no idea what it’s all about but it turns out that he was just suggesting to me to file it up. (My bad, I misunderstood what he said..)

In the very last message that I sent to idham, I was extremely tired and felt that it’s pointless to proceed with SCT since I was certain that he’s not gonna be there to settle it anyway. Hence, I gave my husband’s bank account details for him to transfer the money.

And what kind of reason is that, that he’s been waiting for legal letter, reason why we didn’t get our refund?

Kalau kau betul2 ikhlas nak bayar, kau akan bayar. Kau yang hutang orang. Macam kitorg pulak yang hutang kau.

Anyone who is sincere and genuine in providing service recovery for THEIR mistake, would return the refund and even compensate their clients. Obviously he has no intention of returning what’s ours!

and the tagline of the company is “Serving you with quality”? Please understand the meaning of quality before you even shamelessly put it as your tagline.

28th October 2017: We still made our way to the police station to lodge a police report but the officer said that since there is one case so far, they can only put it as breach of trust. Police couldn’t do much because they will need at least 3 cases to proceed with investigatios and also because it’s a civil case.
Update (5th March 2018): There are more than 3 cases so far and I have contacted my IO regarding this so I hope that they will run an investigation on idham salehuddien.

17th November 2017: Finally had time to head to CASE. Went to CASE to file a report but was told that they are just a mediator and that even when the letter is sent to FYWS, if FYWS don’t agree to meet, there is nothing that we could do. We’re done talking to such prick so we thought of SCT. SCT is similar to CASE too just that they can send the legal letter to FYWS to meet in Court. From our understanding, Court cases need lawyer and lawyer fee is not worth the amount that we’ve lost. So, we didn’t proceed with SCT. Quite honestly, I doubt I can ever get my money back and that’s when I told idham that if his conscience is clear and if he really want to pay us back, he can just transfer to my husband’s account.
Update (5th March 2017): Thanks to the very kind souls who commented and messaged me personally, I have a clearer understanding of SCT. Therefore I have submitted my claims through Small Claims Tribunals. If FYWS is not open for an e-negotiation and make payment pronto, we will proceed with Consultation which is on 19th April 2018. If both sides cannot come to a settlement, then we’ll have to proceed for a Hearing. If all else fails, at least I won’t regret not submitting the SCT and knowing that I have tried. 

Now it’s already February, yet…. not a single cent received. What do you expect from one helluva liar, righttt?

Apart from the $3680 deposit, we’ve forfeited our $500 deposit for the decor, $460 for reprinting of 200 wedding invites, and the $15 fee to change the location for our Tok Kadi (Solemnizer).
(It may be just $15 but we had to spend the time choosing a different Tok Kadi due to the change).
Infact, we had to change so many things and contact the rest of the vendors to update them on the changes.
Total amount we’ve lost: $4655.
It may not be a big sum to many but it’s still our hard earned cash.

I didn’t even get to enjoy my birthday which falls on June and eat well before my wedding because of this unethical company. I’ve had gastritis because I skipped my meals since I was so swamped with the wedding preps and deal with the stress.
Hari Raya was on 25th June 2017.
My doorgifts are handmade by me.

Imagine the chaos!

Everyone knows how busy it would be before weddings but we had so much uncertainties and additional stress thanks to them.

The job of a wedding company is to make sure that clients don’t even have to worry a single bit about their wedding. 2 months before with venue not booked and nothing done yet still got the audacity to tell me not to worry? Hello, kau ingat nie picnic ke aper? Picnic pon kene plan okay! (You think it’s picnic is it? Picnic also need to plan okay!)

FYWS is definitely NOT a FOR YOU wedding services. Kindly scrape that name off.

This is not to fitnah (slander/libel). I know there will be people telling me not to bukak aib orang (disclose other’s wrongdoings) and to jatuhkan Melayu (make Malays fall).
This is the truth and nothing but the truth. My nenek told me, “Biar orang buat kiter jangan kiter buat orang..” (let others do to us but don’t do unto others).

But I’m not very patient like my nenek. Kalau ader 100 orang macam my nenek, abes ahh naik kepale laa nie FYWS. I think one thing about Malay society is how we can be very patient and feel that such people will eventually get their kifarah (payback). But when it comes to this, we can’t just leave it to Allah. What if he gets kifarah only after he cheated on wayyyyy more people? It’s not that I don’t mind having more sins, I don’t mind if I have sinned because I bukak his aib (disclose his wrongdoings) so long I can save more people from being his victims! That’s how bad I want others to not engage such an unethical being. It’s a wedding.. people save so much for it. How to not jatuhkan such melayu? He don’t even consider the fact that I am also Malay and he’s betraying his own race.

I’m not a pushover. From June 2016 till now, we had to be the one asking for updates. What’s the point of paying them, then?

I am only human.. I am trying to just redha (accept my fate) and let it be but I cannot. That amount may not be a lot to others but it’s our hard earned cash.

We don’t halalkan a single cent. We may never get our money back but we’ll definitely tuntut what’s ours in the afterlife.

Suker makan duit haram? Nak berniage tapi tak amanah langsung.

P.S: This post was posted publicly on facebook on 29th January 2018. It was taken down on 30th January 2018. High chances someone must have reported it. I reposted it on 30th of January but it was taken down in the wee hours of 1st of February.

I wanted to repost this but facebook disallow me from posting on 1st of February. I guess someone must be afraid of my guts to speak up that he/she find the need to have me reported. But it’s okay.. I will always find my way to make this known. I’ve edited it to make it much clearer. My ban is lifted and I’m going to send the link from this site to everyone I know so that they can post this link up. In this case, should my post get reported again, I still have others who have shared this link.
Danggg, why didn’t I think of this earlier? Guess the rage got me, huh? Hopefully this works, In Shaa Allah. If it doesn’t, I can still find other ways…

Even if I could re-post on facebook on its own, it would be of no use because it will be reported again and it will be down again. I’m sure a lot of people have read the post and I hope that more people will read this blog and share their experiences with FYWS on the comments section.

Currently, my sister in law in still taking the cake and berkat orders from idham although he owes her $900. Her orders are mostly from fyws and she finds it difficult to reject idham’s orders. I understand why but I would be lying if I were to say that I’m not disappointed.

Update (15th February) : My sister in law just told me that idham paid her on the night of 28th Jan, after she got home from our place. I posted the first post on facebook on 29th Jan upon getting her consent but she didn’t inform me that he already paid the money for the wedding cake orders.

So about him not paying my sister in law, I shall take back what I said since I had no idea that he already paid her back. But I do know that he has been making late payments since prolly around July 2017? or maybe earlier.. Cos when we were having the issue, my sister in law told me that he has not paid her for the wedding cakes. And isn’t that a sign already?
Then how about the cook he didn’t pay? Why would her daughter resort to publicly post about him owing her mom money if he really didn’t owe anyone?

I don’t know when my sister in law will stop taking orders from someone unethical but it’s not my place to tell her to not get involve with such person. Cos if it was me, I will immediately cut ties with such person.. but not before I get the amount that he owes me and my dear ones.

People who are dear to me means so much more than having to get the money from someone with no integrity.

I pray that Allah give us all the strength to overcome this.

You may read the next post about idham salehuddien’s lies where he told his clients that we messed up. To know more about it, please read the rest of the posts in this blog.

We have been careful, we took them up because of recommendation and we kept seeing updates on their facebook page.

We’ve clarified with RSYC on the procedure to confirm that FYWS really was the official caterer for RSYC and that booking can be made through FYWS. Also, the reviews seemed promising.

From June 2016 till now, their service have been utterly disappointing. It’s only promises after promises with no updates. Updates on social media but didn’t even have the decency to reply our messages.

If anyone still think that idham salehuddien is telling the truth, I don’t have anything else to say except that if fyws mess things up, don’t say I didn’t warn you.
If you were to ask about this matter, he would say that in the contract, it’s stated no refund upon cancellation and also that we were the one who made the booking with RSYC. Do not believe his lies. You can read all about it here.

Update (21st February) : Still no word from idham salehuddien or anyone from fyws or any money deposited to my husband’s account.. except for more lies and improbable concoction.
I got to know on 14th February that he posted a live video on his facebook account on 2nd February, which is meant for me. However, as weird as it sounds, it wasn’t set to public but I still managed to view it from someone. He has plenty of people backing him up, of course since it’s only meant to be viewed by his “friends”. Also, this idham salehuddien blocked me from viewing this particular profile where he uploaded the Live Video. So.. not running away?

Since I can’t post up his video as he would definitely say it’s privacy concerns and whatnot, I’ve typed it out. (for those who doubt what I’ve typed here and would want to watch his video, you may contact me..)
Pardon the very messy statements. As you can see, liars will have the habit of going off track. They won’t form a proper sentence because they will need to add up stuff to make up their stories. Also, he spoke in Malay and have certain mat lingo that I don’t understand.
My reply to his Live Video is in blue.

“To all clients and also soon to be bride and groom, it’s okay, go ahead, share it, I don’t mind.

I’m really sorry. Firstly, I would like to say, before you sign the contract, you have to ensure that you have read everything. The do’s and don’ts, and all of the clauses.
We have read the contract and everything, of cos! and don’t say you’re sorry when you’re not sorry.

I’m really sorry, in any business, or government, like the HDB, when you deposit, and when you cancelled, you only say the word “cancel”, and it’s already stated in the contract that you are not able to get the refund, means you won’t be able to get the refund, when you cancel. No doubt if the event is in 2 months, or 2 years.. because you chose to sign the contract, after you read the contract. Before you made the payment.
Yes, we cancelled. It’s true that usually no refund upon cancellation. Did we ask Q’yra Design to return our $500 back? No. Simply because we know that we’ve cancelled it and we understand that deposit can’t be refunded since they’ve took the trouble to inform their suppliers to book the date and all. and also, Q’yra Design knows everything that we’ve wanted cos they asked everything when we placed the deposit.. unlike you.
NOTHING WAS DONE 2 MONTHS BEFORE THE WEDDING. and you still want to take our money for doing NOTHING?

What do you expect us to do? To wait until our wedding day for you to mess things up for us and we have to postpone the wedding while everyone else has received our invites and already strolling in? Means we have to humiliate our family for not thinking of alternative plans? Just go ahead with you guys knowing nothing has been done?
What a douche.

Contract also stated that everything should be finalised 2 months before wedding and Wedding Coordinator will contact clients for food tasting.

For You Wedding Services has breached the contract. FYWS failed to perform any promise that forms all or even parts of the contract. You guys did nothing!
We have proof that they did not even do anything at all even when we’ve asked.
Not even an apology for their blunder, let alone service recovery. 

To all of my previous customers, the ones we’ve run the events.. errrrrr, I don’t know laa if it’s perfect or not, only the bride and groom would know, and never has anyone said that we ran away.. from events.
The main point is, “run away from the event”.
and what made me viral on facebook, you know, I can, I can.. only that I don’t want.
A lot of my friends told me, “just sue” (and some matrep language gibberish),
I don’t want that.
Ehh.. to put it simply, we are Malays. I’m not the type of Malay who brings other Malays down.
I am certain that I did not type the words “run away from the event”. I don’t know where this idham come up with it. 
Sue? HA-HAA. How can you sue someone who is telling the truth? You cannot even prove that I’m making false accusations. You don’t even address the issue and that’s expected from a coward. You have done nothing. Infact, this is considered cheating and it’s a breach of contract, yet you wanna sue me? You don’t even have the money to pay us back when you’ve promised! Do you think it’s that cheap and easy to sue someone? What a joke.
Talking about race now?
Kau sendiri tikam bangsa kau sendiri. Jangan nak step tak jatuhkan Melayu. Melayu macam kau ni yang rosakkan bangsa sendiri.
Fancy talking about race when he’s the one who caused all this.

The question is, the tag is #fywslarikandiridarimajlis. (fyws run away from event) “idham salehuddien larikan diri dari majlis”. (idham salehuddien run away from event)
I’m still here, doing live, with you. For You Wedding is still here. My event is still running here, doing the set up. How is it that you can say that I run away?
I’m really sorry but if you really want to get your money back, I’m really sorry, I shall say this again, Singapore has law. You can go to any lawyer, just bring all of the contract, everything that you have on me, come, send a letter to me. My address is stated on my namecard. My address is also stated on the contract. Go ahead.
Firstly, no such hashtags. Godddd, this guy really make my blood boil, I swear. He loves to eat his words and also put words in other people’s mouth.
Your company, specifically YOU, fail to honour, yet WE have to go through the trouble to get our money back? We know for certain that we can’t win the case since in the eyes of the law, consumers are usually not protected (based on what my friends who work in lawfirms told me). So no, we are not wasting anymore dime to get our money back. All I want now is for others to know our horror of engaging For You Wedding Services.

It’s not that I deliberately want to do a live video, no I don’t want. because there will be people who would take offense.
because you made me come up with this video, so I do this live video for you.
Yaa. Do that Live Video for me without letting me see. -_- Who can make such perfect sense? Only idham salehuddien.

I would like to say one thing, we are humans, we are not angels. not God.
What you wanna do, that is your right. But sometimes, before you do something, hmm.. think it through. Not about what would happen to me.. but what would happen to you. Only that.
Don’t try to sound self righteous, please. Look who’s talking. Before you make a promise, think it through. I’ve made up my mind and I did not regret a single bit about what I’ve done. I’m glad a lot of people came forward to tell me their bad experiences with your company.

I’m really sorry ehh, you said I didn’t pay my vendors their payment, your sister in law is my wedding cake supplier. Please ask your sister in law if I owe her money.
Ahh… if no, I feel that your statement is wrong. Wrong statement is false report, ehh.. False report, mind you.
It is true that you did not pay my sister in law when I asked her on 28th February. I wasn’t told that you’ve paid her on that night itself. She also admit that it took you so long to make payment. So you’ve paid your vendors? Really? How about the cook? Have you forgotten this post?

This is made public. and you still want to try to cover it up? You’re digging your own grave, thankyouverymuch.

I can’t find others posted publicly but this is more than enough.

Another thing, what ehh?
We were at EXPO when you said that we ran away. How is it, ehh?
If you did not run away, then why is it that it’s so difficult to get through to any of you guys? Why didn’t you meet us as promised? Why didn’t you call us as promised? Why didn’t you reply our WhatsApp messages even after MONTHS? That is not run away, huh? Bull.

I literally posted that I was at EXPO. How is it that you said I run away? and I had events that day, 3 events. Have you seen anyone posted on facebook or at Instagram or any media, “For You Wedding run away”? No ehh.. Hahaha.
Please don’t use the word literally wrongly. Annoying to the max. Kau berbual melayu all the way pon cantik. 
Nobody posted? Let me see… (and please ehh, hahaha? tak kelakar..)

You must have overlooked that, huh?

or.. this?


Faridah2Dada Samad & Siti Faridah Osman is the same person. She told me all about what happened when I messaged her to ask about her public post. It has got nothing to do with FYWS but it’s about idham salehuddien.
Apparently she said that idham salehuddien used her daughter’s IC to get phones from StarHub and also the lines. Which over time, amounted to $7k plus. He promised to marry her and all those stuff and she believed him, thinking that all would go well since he runs a “successful” company. This is what I get when I saw that post which was posted publicly. I am not saying that what she said is true but this was what I found publicly on facebook.

These posts are all before he posted the Live Video on 2nd February 2018, “addressing” the issue.

To anyone, who would like to get more clarification, please, please, please, don’t be like that person, please WhatsApp call me or WhatsApp any one of my staffs, don’t worry I tag my staffs, my vendors, all I’ve tagged.
I’m sure…. Have we called? Yupp. WhatsApp? Yupp. Messaged your facebook? Yupp.
Any response? Nopeee!

Proof that it’s so difficult to get through to the busiest owner in the planet!currentclient.PNG

So idham, don’t worry? I see…

Looks like we’re not the only one who had such horror engaging them!

another message came from my ex-schoolmate. Her husband engaged FYWS.

This shows that I’m still here, and I’m not running away. I’m still here. My dome is still here. Wanna say what, right?
If you’re not running away then why didn’t you return our calls? Where is our money? Where is the money that you owed others, too? You cheat people “bit by bit”, shortchanged others and you know by Singapore’s law, you can get away with it so long you “still deliver”. So you continue with your sneaky ways.

It’s not that we’re hard up for your money, of ‘cos we need to pay all of our vendors, need to pay the meat seller, ahhhh, meat seller, we need to pay ehhh. If not there’s no meat to cook..
No beef, no chicken, how am I gonna cook, right? Don’t expect guests to eat veges only right?
If not hard up for money, then give us back what’s ours. Simple.

I know of an old man who always emphasise to me, honesty and upholding trust.
You are far from it. Don’t be pretentious.

Most chose to not post a review or make their post public cos they either just
a) Wanna let it be
b) Don’t wanna disturb other people’s rice bowl
c) Let Allah handle it or
d) Posted but got threatened to take it down.

Honesty and upholding trust? Your dictionary must be real messed up like you.

So how is it that people say I run away, ehh?
We sell the package, not cheap and not expensive. We follow a moderate budget. For those who can’t follow a moderate budget, we will ask how much is your budget.
But you try to think laa.. if catering and venue, $10k, would there be anyone who would sell it? There isn’t any. Ask any of the vendors who has a venue, I shall not name who, who has venue, ask them, how much is it?
How long is the event? Ahh.. that’s what you need to ask.
Yacht Club, I gave.. if I really gave you the Yacht Club, 6 hours of event, with 3 rooms, what else do you want?
In the end, you’re not happy, and you cancelled. You literally put cancel, you viral also you put you cancelled on 16 or 26th July. So you cancelled.
What else, sister, right?
The proposal that you gave us to hold it at RSYC wasn’t $10k for 500pax. $10k, really? It’s definitely more than that. It’s stated in the contract, please. The difference between the quotation that the lovely souls at Muslim Delights gave us for venue and catering only, is around $3k more than what you’ve quoted us for RSYC. It’s a 6 hours event.
So go figure,
liar. Another reason why he’s a useless owner cos how can the owner not know the quotation he gave us and the location that was clearly stated in the contract?
Oh, about the location, he mentioned to his clients that they don’t know that we’d like to hold our wedding at Nautica Ballroom. (again, that WhatsApp convo can be read on the post idham salehuddien’s lies).

and why the need to say all these? You are not even addressing the issue. You’re the one who came up with the proposal, and it’s stated in the contract, yet you’re making it sound like we’re the one who begged you for the price you quoted on the contract? It’s not 3 rooms, by the way. It’s 2 rooms.
Ultimately, nothing materialise which means you DID NOT manage to give us all of those stuff that you’ve promised. So don’t BS here about how you gave all that with just $10k.
 It’s all empty promises and more of your lies.

Here’s another victim of FYWS who had a similar case as us and had to postpone their wedding..

What do you have to say now, huh?

Actually, this is nothing. Only that I’m doing this Live video because there are people who are afraid. So I’m doing Live here for you guys so that you won’t be afraid.
We only fear One, Allah. Not fear about viral. No. God Willing, we are still here.
You fear Allah? If you really fear Allah, then you wouldn’t do the things that you did. You know that not paying debts is a major sin and cause trouble to others, yet you still do it.
“When a man gets into debt, he speaks and tells lies, and when he makes a promise, he breaks it” (Bukhari & Muslim)
We can die anytime. You don’t fear Allah, you don’t fear death. You don’t fear having all of the sins. I pray that when Allah takes your last breath, you will remember all the faces of the people whom you’ve wronged and be filled with so much regret. Please do remember that those faces do not forgive you or even halalkan a single cent.


I still have many other messages but they told me not to let the public read it.

To all of his existing clients, please make sure that you document every single thing. Make sure that he has it all in black and white.

Here’s another icing to the cake:

I remember asking fyws the procedure of making a bottled drink. They told me that they have their own supplier and came up with their own concoction. All those stories of how they’ve spent a lot of time to come up with such a nice drink.

#fywsolblend #olblendfyws? Shamelessly calling OlBlend their own!

The only concoction that they came up with is the story of how the product is theirs!

It belongs to Puan Noorshila Amin, a Malaysian artiste who is well known. If FYWS can do that to a well known artiste yet not feel a miniscule of guilt, I don’t see why idham wouldn’t even continue with his conniving ways to reap benefits from others.

You certainly can’t be too careful with someone like him. It is proven that this company has NO INTEGRITY. and who is the boss? idham salehuddien.

P.S: syazwina, maya rahman & wahyudie are not working with fyws anymore. maya rahman & wahyudie set up their own wedding company.
I’m stating their names because it is what it is. They were the ones involved and wahyudie was the one who replied as such. My experiences with them wasn’t pleasant at all. syazwina is till relatively okay though.

I’ve contacted maya rahman to know further about what happened right before they left. I was told that idham just told them at the very last minute to handle our issue without telling them that the venue has not been booked. In short, idham dumped it to the both of them.
maya rahman and wahyudie left on September 2017 yet when idham called on October 2017, he still had the cheek to ask if any one of them got back to us.
Fancy just pushing the blame to others, even his ex staffs. Good example of a boss, aye?

For You Wedding Services.

Hello All,

The reason that I set up this site is because the CozyCot Forum is no longer around and I can’t seem to ask around on the company For You Wedding Services. We’ve had such a hard time dealing with them before our wedding, up till our wedding and after our wedding.

I’ve tried googling about them yet I don’t see any forums or blogs talking about them and since they have wronged us from the moment they’ve gotten the deposit up till a year plus later, I feel compelled to set up this site to get more people to tell me their issues with FYWS.

So if you happen to have a difficult time with FYWS, what more if it involves them failing to honour their services, lets talk.

I look forward to hearing more about the most difficult company I ever had to deal with. I’m sure that we can’t be the only ones to have to deal with such unethical company. I’m calling out to whoever who have had issues with For You Wedding Services to step up and open up about it.

My husband and I have proceeded to make police report, headed to CASE and are in the midst of submitting our Small Tribunal Claims (but still contemplating) therefore we seek anyone out there who have had monetary or any other issues with FYWS to email me at please. Alternatively, you may leave a comment here. We would like to know if anyone is also in the similar situation as us yet dare not speak up via their facebook review.

Thank you and May Allah s.w.t ease all of our affairs.
and FYWS, if you happen to read this, may you get your kifarah…

..for we don’t even halalkan a single cent that you happily took. Not even when we breathe our last. and especially not even when you are lowered to the ground, your soul screaming for help to return us all of our money back.

Kalimat zalim bisa juga digunakan untuk melambangkan sifat kejam, bengis, tidak berperikemanusiaan, suka melihat orang dalam penderitaan dan kesengsaraan,melakukan kemungkaran, penganiayaan, kemusnahan harta benda, ketidak adilan dan banyak lagi pengertian yang dapat diambil dari sifat zalim tersebut, yang mana pada dasarnya sifat ini merupakan sifat yang keji dan hina, dan sangat bertentangan dengan akhlak dan fitrah manusia, yang seharusnya menggunakan akal untuk melakukan kebaikan.

Dan takutlah doa orang terzalimi, karena tidak ada hijab (penghalang) antara ia dengan Allah.” (Muttafaq ‘Alaih)

Tiga orang yang tidak akan ditolak doanya: orang puasa sampai ia berbuka, imam yang adil, dan doa orang yang dizalimi.” (HR. Al-Tirmidzi)

So much for being a wedding company and having the cheek to put the company’s name as FOR YOU. -_-